The Millennium Development Goals & the UN Millennium Campaign

The Millennium Development Goals
In the year 2000, all 189 governments of the world agreed to meet 8 goals that will end extreme poverty by 2015 – The Millennium Development Goals:

  1. Eradicate extreme hunger and poverty
  2. Achieve universal primary education
  3. Promote gender equality
  4. Reduce child mortality
  5. Improve maternal health
  6. Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria, and other diseases
  7. Ensure environmental sustainability
  8. Develop a global partnership for development

The Goals are a unique international agreement being time-bound, measurable and having the public promise of every Head of State in the world. All eight Goals are achievable by 2015, but only if governments live up to their promises.

United Nations Millennium Campaign
The Millennium Campaign is a UN agency formed to mobilise citizens around the world to pressure their governments to meet the Millennium Development Goals. Working in more than 30 rich and poor nations, the Campaign partners with nonprofits from the international to local level to inspire grassroots movements toward the achievement of the Goals.